Message from the Director

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The OQM has been entrusted with ensuring the high standards of the University, be it in our of academic programmes or our other services. This we manage through the two different branches in our office, the Academic Standards Quality Assurance and the Institutional Quality Management.

These responsibilities are not taken lightly. The accreditations that we receive from exWith the University now being accorded the self-accreditation status, the responsibilities are bigger, and the stakes are higher. But we take all this positively. For we are confident that the University has an already strong quality culture, making the University ready for challenges thrown our way.

The support and commitment given by everyone in the University is vital to ensure the University’s mission and vision are achieved. Our small but dedicated team has been very fortunate in the support and commitment that we have been getting from every quarter, in each and every campus. We believe this is because everyone in the University knows that quality is not about a particular Office, but quality is about everyone, it permeates everything we do in this University. For in the end, the quality of the University should be reflective of the elements in the name that we proudly bear -- the International Islamic University Malaysia.


Dr. Lihanna Binti Borhan
Office of Institutional and Academic Quality Management