Client Charter

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In an effort to provide excellent services with full commitment we will make sure our customers are served properly :

  1. All clients to be treated with courtesy and respect
  2. Enquiries shall be answered and resolved immediately
  3. Be attentive to client's need
  4. The staff shall be pro-active, approachable and responsive
  5. We will provide with accurate, timely and helpful information regarding their course of study, enrolment and other administrative procedures that apply to students
  6. To provide a copy of the course outline from the lecturer at the beginning of each semester, the objective or goals of the subject and how performance in the subject will be assessedv
  7. That the facilities or equipment used are safe and comply with the University's occupational health and safety guidelines
  8. Provide accurate, impartial and consistent advice
  9. Provide a prompt and efficient response
  10. Provide excellent services to every client