Welcoming Remark

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Dr. Juliana Md. Jaffri

I am delighted to welcome you to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM.  Thank You for choosing our kulliyyah and congratulations for you have succeeded to be one of our students as the entry into the pharmacy program is always competitive. It is my privilege to serve as dean for this amazing kulliyyah, staff, students, and alumni that make up the Badger pharmacy family.  

Pharmacy programme conducted at this Kulliyyah is in line with the philosophy of IIUM that is with an Islamic perspective. The Kulliyyah of Pharmacy is so fortunate to operate a manufacturing plant facility that is GMP certified where the student will have the opportunity to experience GMP-compliance manufacturing environment producing Halalan Toyyiban pharmaceuticals during the program. InshaAllah IIUM teaching hospital with syariah compliance would also be ready by year 2016 for clinical pharmacy practice. It is our aim to produce pharmacist whose practice Islamic values in their daily lives, conduct professional duties and highly equipped with the skills in the field of hospital, clinical, industrial, community and research.

Hopefully your years with us will be fruitful and please make full use of the opportunity given. Promise yourself that you’ll study hard to become competent pharmacy filled with taqwa, iman and amal.

The momentum is building!  I invite you to travel with us into our very bright future to achieve the higher goals with your attempt and helpful guides of the academic members.

May Allah guide and bless all of us.

Dr. Juliana Md Jaffri
15th March 2017
16th Jamadil Akhir 1438