Corporate Management

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1.  Office Administration
  • Human Resource Management
    • Establish and update the OCCM organisational chart
    • Monitor the attendance of OCCM staff
    • Update and monitor the annual/emergency/medical leave of OCCM staff
    • Monitor the part timers and practical students
  • Human Resource Development
    • Identify the relevant training for OCCM staff according to the knowledge, skills and competency
    • Coordinate and monitor the training activities for staff in OCCM
    • As a Liaison Officer for training matters in OCCM
  • OCCM Strategic Planning and Management System
    • Monitor the implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Balance Scorecard, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and APAR for OCCM
  • Financial Administration
    • Prepare the OCCM operational budget, monitoring the operating expenses
    • Monitor the purchasing activities according to the University guidelines
    • Manage the stock inventory
    • Responsible in processing the invoices

2.  Corporate Collateral

  • Responsible in producing the IIUM corporate collatoral such as IIUM souvenirs, IIUM corporate shawls, IIUM corporate ties and etc. to be distributed to IIUM guests

3.  OCCM Transportation

  • Provide OCCM transport for University Top Management Guests
  • Provide 'Covering Drivers' for Top Management (if necessary)

4.  Customer Service Assistant

  • Provide customer service assistance to IIUM stakeholders (parents, students, outsiders) through phone calls

5.  Customer Complaint

  • Responsible in handling the customer complaints against IIUM
  • Monitor the customer complaints in IIUM and response the complaint on behalf of the University

6.  Organising the Corporate Social Responsibility at OCCM Level

  • Identify the suitable places to conduct CSR programme
  • Coordinate with relevant department in IIUM
  • Conduct post mortem meeting for CSR programme