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1.  Event Management - organised by OCCM
  • Manage University main events (as a secretariat/coordinator/event manager for the event, preparing the administrative programme, sending the invitation cards, appointment of committee, liaison officer/usher/master of ceremony, post mortem meeting and etc.)
  • Events:  IIUM Convocation, IIUM Special Convocation, Shawwal Gathering, Iftar and etc.

2.  Event Management - organised by KCDIs

  • Assist KCDIs in managing the University events especially in handling the VVIPS and VIPs
  • Advise the KCDIs in organising events i.e. protocol, appointment of Master of Ceremony, etc.
  • Receive and coordinate the request for visit to IIUM by schools/companies/agencies/etc. 

3.  Protocol

  • Provide protocol advise to KCDIs according to the standard practice in IIUM
  • Handle protocol matters during University events organised by KCDIs which involve the presence of IIUM Constitutional Head, IIUM President, IIUM Top Management, Senior Officials and MAJLIS/BOG Members

4.  Other Activities

  • Organise trainings (in collaboration with Media Relation Section) which are related to event activities i.e. event management workshop, ushers/MC training/ hospitality and protocol training to KCDIs and IIUM students