Applications and Contacts

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Services Offered
Contact Person
Contact No.
IIUM Gallery Dr. Noraini Ahmad 03-6196 6290
Request for Photographer
Br. Roslan Rusly
03-6196 5889
Request for Photograph
Br. Samsuri Abdul Jalil
Br. Noor Azman Shah Ismail
03-6196 5893
03-6196 5894
Request for e-Announcement (IIUM Website/Billboard) Sr. Ida Haryati Abu Hasan 03-6196 5898
Request for Media Services Br. Roslan Rusly 03-6196 5889
Request for Event Management Assistance Br. Abdul Latif Abdul Rahman 03-6196 5895
Request for Approval for Posting of Posters on Campus Sr. Nurul 'Ain Mohamed Noor 03-6196 5883
Booking of Equipment Br. Azhari Kamaruddin 03-6196 5890
Booking of Meeting Room (Gallery) Br. Azman Salahuddin 03-6196 5897
Booking of Audio Visual Sr. Siti Sarah Marzuki 03-6196 4157
Booking of Rooms 
(CAC- Royal Lounge/Royal Banquet)
(Rectory - Senate Holding Room)
Br. Azhari Kamaruddin
Br. Mohamed Ali
03-6196 5890
03-6196 5887