External Collaboration Unit Services

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The core functions of EXCEL Unit are:

  • Administration of International Grant

  • Administration of Private Grants (Companies / Industries

  • Administration of Public grants other that grants from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Long-term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS), Research Matching Grant Scheme  (RMGS)

  • Administration of IIUM Research Clusters i.e Research Unit, Research Centre


The international Islamic University established research clusters to promote high quality of research by forming  well-balanced team of researchers.  These clusters act as centres for resources on particular niche areas. 
Clustering research into strategic areas aims at:
  1. Improving research and development activities
  2. increasing the number of impactful research
  3. encouraging researchers in disseminating research findings through articles in refereed journals, papers in international proceeding, books and seminars;
  4. enhancing national and international networking
  5. strengthening commercialization of research products

Roles of Research Clusters

Reseach Clusters provide significant roles such as;-
  1. As expert resources collection center on a particular niche
  2. Implement activities in identified niche
  3. As a center for specialist resources and optimize the potential of university expertise
  4. As a center of expertise to strengthen thrust focused research activities and cross-discipline
  5. To provide expertise and a systematic and professional consultation at the national and international
  6. As a national and international referral center and special library collections
  7. Create a strong network of national and international
  8. Acting as a center for research and postgraduate teaching

Types of Clusters

There are 4 types of clusters 
  1. Research Group
  2. Research Unit
  3. Research Centre
  4. Research Institute
Starting with research groups at the faculty level, they will grow to research Unit at RMC level, Research Centre of Excellence and Research Institute at University Level depending on the performance of the clusters