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DEADLINE (4th AUGUST 2017 [Extended from earlier deadline: 1st JULY 2017])


Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Dear Prof./ Assoc. Prof. / Dr. / Sir / Mdm,


We wish to make corrections to the previous announcement on the special RMGS.

Corrections have been made to:


1)      Application Criteria *

2)      Eligibility**

3)      Amount / Value of Grant***


We apologize for the error in the previous announcement and the inconvenience it has caused.


Please be informed that RMC is accepting applications for the SPECIAL RESEARCH MATCHING GRANT SCHEME (RMGS) 2017 until 4th August 2017. This special grant scheme is to support Joint Research Projects between IIUM and a minimum of 3 other entities, e.g. Universities, Industries, and Agencies, where each partner would also need to contribute funding. 


Interested researchers are kindly invited to apply for theCOMPETITIVE grant by completing the attached application forms


Application Criteria*:

Applications should fulfill the following criteria:

1. There should be at least 3 research partners from any of the following entities: Universities, Industries, or Agencies.

2. The researcher should have a draft of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for collaborative research with Malaysian entities acknowledging their participation and institutional commitment. For International collaborative partners, drafts of LAs (Letters of Agreement), MOAs, or MOUs may be submitted.

3. The IIUM researchers should have a written agreement with their research partners on the financial implications (i.e. transfer of money) of the research project.

​4​. The research should lead to any of the following output:

a) 2 Indexed journals or

b) 3 Non-Indexed journals or

c) 1 research book


​5​. There should be at least 2 other IIUM co-researchers involved in the project.



1. Full time academic staff with Ph.D are eligible to apply for the grant. The researcher and co-researchers must be experts in the field of study.

2. Academic staff who are on study leave and unpaid leave are not eligible for this grant.


Application Process

1. The researcher shall identify the research project and research partners.

2. The researcher and the research partners shall agree on the proposed research project, scope of work, time, budget, and other related items.

3.The researcher is required to submit the RMGS proposal and the draft of the MOA (research with Malaysian collaborators) or LA/MOU (research with International collaborators).


Amount / Value of Grant***

1. The researcher and the collaborative partners shall agree on the proposed sharing of the financial budget. Contributions in kind from the research partners are not accepted.

2. IIUM will match the amount contributed by the partners up to a maximum of RM20,000.00.

3. The proposed financial sharing is not necessarily of equal share between the researcher and the research partners.

4. The final amount approved will depend on the decision of the RMGS committee.

5. The transfer of money from IIUM partners to the RMC (research with Malaysian collaborators) or to the IIUM principal researcher (research with International collaborators) and the evidence of such transfer must be clearly documented.

6. The financial contributions from the parties should be clearly documented in the research agreement.



The maximum duration of the research project is 2 years.


We look forward to receiving your applications and we wish you all the the best.


Please send your applications to :


Sr. Aida Melly
Senior Assistant Director 
Grant Initiative Unit,
3rd Floor, Research Management Centre,
IIUM Gombak Campus
P.O. Box 10,
50728 Kuala Lumpur 
Any queries:
Phone:  +603 6196 5011




Thank you and Wassalam.


GRANT Initiative Unit, RMC