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  1. What type of Pre-Commercialization/Innovation/Commercialization funding that researcher can apply?
    1. Technofund - Pre-commercialization grant
    2.  Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) Grant - Innovation Grant
      1. KTP Industry
      2. KTP Community
    3. Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS) - Pre-commercialization Grant
    4. Cradle Fund - precommercialization grant
      1. U-CIP
      2. CIP 500
    5.  CRDF - Commercialization
      1. CRDF 1
      2. CRDF 2
    6. Collaboration Funding - Pre-commercialization grant
  2. How to apply for Intellectual Property (IP) protection?
    Researcher should fill up the IP Disclosure form and attach information about the invention to be protected. The application will be brought to IP Committee meeting. Only selected invention can be considered for IP protection.
  3. If I have a potential product to be commercialized, what should I do?
    Please bring the product prototype to Research Management Centre (RMC). We shall discuss the mode for commercialization.