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Name Position Extension no. Email More Info
Siti Thuraiya Bt. Abd. Rahman Administrative Officer 5410 sthuraiya@iium.edu.my More Info »
Haliza Binti Hamzah Administrative Officer 4786 haliza@iium.edu.my More Info »
Rosidah Bt Mat Dom Administrative Officer 4090 rosidah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Rahaidah Bt Ramli Administrative Officer 5416 rahaidah@iium.edu.my More Info »
Noorzamzarina Bt. Mohd. Noor Administrative Officer 5474 nzarina@iium.edu.my More Info »
Saiful Azam B. Wan Chik Administrative Officer 5967 saifulz@iium.edu.my More Info »
Muhammad Saufi Shamsuddin Administrative Officer 2344 saufishams@iium.edu.my More Info »
Azrul Hazle Bin Ishak Administrative Officer 4066 ahazle@iium.edu.my More Info »
Shamila Bt. Abu Hasan Administrative Officer 4780 shamila@iium.edu.my More Info »
Roslaily Bt. Hashim Assistant Hostel Manager 5974 roslaily@iium.edu.my More Info »

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