The Research

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IRS welcomes researchers from other department in IIUM to join us in achieving the aspiration of the station to perform an integrated research for the natural resources to be sustainably exploited for the future. We are also looking forward any request for collaboration, contract, extension and consultation research activities from other research institutions and industry community.

The existing research activity:

  1. Hatchery Technology – Prototype Development
  2. Fish Behaviour Study
  3. Broodstock Management Study
  4. Live Feed Production 
  5. Selective Breeding and Molecular Database
  6. Marine Ecosystem Health
  7. Horseshoe Crab Flagship Project
  8. Fish larvae Study

Collaborative Research:

In 2015, we managed to secure funding through the following research collaboration:

  1.  Phylogenetic Study of Malaysia Horseshoe Crab 

       Collaborator: Fisheries Department Malaysia

  2.  Coastal Ecosystem Health in Southeast Asia

       Collaborator: Japanese Society for Promoting Science (JSPS)-UPM