Job Prospects

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Students with bachelor’s degrees in plant and applied plant sciences find employment opportunities in a variety of fields. Positions in research, teaching, and management with both state and federal governmental agencies are also commonly pursued in addition to jobs in private sectors. Examples of employment opportunities for plant and applied plant scientist include agencies in : 


  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation



GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS (MARDI, DOA, State Agencies, etc.etc.)  

  • In the areas of Plant Diversity, Plant Biotechnology, Phytochemistry, Hers and Medicinal Plants, Plant Genomics and Breeding, Plant Production, etc)


  • Manager, assistant manager, sales executive, researchers, Agronomist, Plant Biotechnologist, phytochemist, phytoremedeation, pharmaceuticals, 

In addition, museums, arboreta, botanic gardens, herbaria, and germplasm centers are increasingly hiring plant scientist to study and conserve biodiversity. The number of local, regional, national, and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially those oriented toward restoration and conservation of biodiversity, continues to grow rapidly. These organizations (for example wetlands, ramsar, WWF, MNS, etc.) hire plant science graduates as manager, science officer and researcher. Elsewhere in the private sector, plant science graduates find employment with plant nurseries, landscape design, environmental consulting, soil testing, or phytopathology services, biotechnology firms, manufacturer of nutriceutical products from plant, and many more. Academic research institutions also hire plant science graduates as academic staff, researcher, science officer and technician. All of the above provide plant science and applied plant science graduates opportunities to explore career  as they consider continuing their education in graduate programs. The strong reputation of the IIUM underpins the strong record of successful placement of its graduates in employment and graduate programs.