3rd International Conference on Islamization of Modern Science and Scientification of Islamic Studies: Biotethics

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Start Date:
23 Aug 2016
End Date:
24 Aug 2016
Organized by:
Kulliyyah of Science
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23 Aug 2016 08:00
24 Aug 2016 17:00
Asia/Kuala Lumpur

3rd International Conference on Islamization of Modern Science and Scientification of Islamic Studies: Biotethics



Modern advances in science and technology, and its application in the field of biosciences have to some extent helped man to improve certain aspects of this field. However, some applications of the modern technologies in biology and life sciences have raised certain serious concerns regarding the inter-relationship between life, science and technology, health and medicine, law and ethics. One of the major concerns in this regard is how to improve man’s knowledge in biosciences without causing harm to the living things, including human beings. Closely related concern is whether or not modern breakthroughs in bioscience should be led by the achievement of what can be achieved to conquer nature, or should these achievements be led by the values of what ought to be achieved. These and many other concerns related to the needs of safety and the protection of the natural environment in the face of the observable scientific breakthroughs and advances in biosciences, form the basic ingredient of bioethics, the bottom-line of which is the tendency to find value guided scientific achievements in biosciences. With these concerns in mind, the organizing committee of this conference intends to invite academicians, scholars, scientists, researchers, ethicist and law professionals to address the relevant aspects of this subject.

 Who should participate?

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    Students, researchers and academicians whose main interest is bioethics, particularly on legal and ethical issues in the field of biosciences, and those who seek to understand social and moral implications of biosciences. Educators as well as those interested in the relationship between law and ethics in the field of biosciences are also welcomed to participate. We look forward to your participation in the conference and towards fruitful discussions and intellectual input.


Religious, Ethical and Legal Responses to The Modern Breakthroughs in Biosciences.