Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

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All users are expected to act in accordance with the followings:

  1. To swim during the official day and time as stipulated by the management ONLY;
  2. To register at the swimming pool counter and produce Matric Card/Staff Card (for IIUM Staff and Student);
  3. Users must wear proper swimming costume (preferably from lycra material).  Wearing of swimming cap is compulsory;
  4. Boxers, shorts, t-shirts and underwear are strictly prohibited;
  5. All changing of uniform must be done in the changing rooms;
  6. The followings are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:
    1. Smoking, bring/consume food or refreshment in the pool area;
    2. Keeping any belongings on the pool’s deck;
    3. Leaving footwear i.e slippers or shoes on the pool’s deck;
    4. Diving activities from the shallow end;
    5. Running on the pool’s deck, horseplay, drinking or pushing.
  7. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children at all times;
  8. All users must observe and maintain cleanliness of the pool area;
  9. Person suffering from communicable disease, colds, open wounds, nasal, eye or ear discharge or any other contagious disease and person under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to use the pool;
  10. Users are expected to shower before entering the pool and wash their feet each time they re-enter;
  11. The lifesavers on duty are responsible for the safety/security of all     patrons who are in the pool and on the deck.   Users are not permitted to be in the water unless there are monitored by lifesavers on duty;
  12. Flotation devices (vests, buoyancy) are to be used at the discretion of the lifesavers on duty.  Equipment should be returned to the proper place;
  13. Users are NOT ALLOWED to enter the pool during thunderstorms or heavy rain;
  14. The management will keep all personal belongings which were     unintentionally left behind by the users (if any) in a safe place within     one (1) week; 
  15. All swimmers must follow the rules and regulations set by the Sports and Recreational Centre. Lifesavers /security guards/ Sports and Recreational Centre staff have the right to prohibit user(s) from using the facilities if found breaching the rules and regulations.
  16. The Sports and Recreational Centre has the right to amend the rules and regulations from time to time.
  17. The Sports and Recreational Centre will not be liable for any accidents, death or injury and for any loss of belongings;


IIUM staff

- with staff card

- without staff card


Free of charge



 IIUM students

- with student card

- without student card


Free of charge



Children (below  18 years old)
 Children of IIUM Staff  Free of charge
 Students of other IPTA/IPTS
(to produce student card)
 Adults  5.00