Stadium Running Track Rules and Regulations

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All users are expected to act in accordance with the followings:

  1. No vehicle is allowed in the running track,
  2. Only spike nails less than 6 mm is permitted.  Boots with studs are prohibited on the running track;
  3. Marking with any type of paint, application of thinner or oil grease onto the area are strictly prohibited;
  4. Supporters are not allowed to enter the track;
  5. Keep the track clean at all time.  No smoking, drinking or eating is permitted.  Water must be in a closed/unbreakable container;
  6. Users are expected to consult their physician before engaging in     any vigorous exercises;
  7. Users are expected to adhere to the direction of walking/jogging that is     posted from time to time; and
  8. Every person is responsible for their own safety.  The Sports and Recreational Centre will not be responsible for any death, loss, damage or injury caused;