Racquetball Courts Rules and Regulations

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All users are expected to act in accordance with the followings:

  1. To use the Racquetball Courts during the official day and time as stipulated by the management ONLY;
  2. Only racquet sports are permitted.   No other balls are to be used in the designated racquetball courts i.e squash courts and tennis courts.   
  3. Permission shall be obtained from the Director of Sports and Recreational Centre first if sports played are different from the designated courts;
  4. Court reservations are based upon first come-first serve basis and walk-in appointment during the stipulated day and time; 
  5. Courts are limited to 2 hour of playing time per person.  If a court has not been reserved for a specific hourly time block, play is permitted on first come-first serve basis until the next reservation time;   
  6. Only suitable, non-marking court shoes are permitted;
  7. Gym bags, tracksuit, racquet covers are to be left outside of the court area;
  8. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.  Any player that displays unsportsmanlike conduct may be asked to leave the court; and
  9. Every person is responsible for their own safety.  The Sports and Recreational Centre will not be responsible for any death, loss, damage or injury caused.