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Welfare Section is under Student and Administrative Services Department (SASD) which functionally provides welfare services to IIUM students such as :

Khairat Fund

Full time registered students are eligible to get assistance for the following cases :

  • Death of biological parents / children / husband / wife
  • Death of IIUM student (contribution to parents)
  • Victim of natural calamities (i.e: landslide, fire, flood, etc)
  • Involve in theft incident
  • Fall sick (hospitalized) /Become handicapped / chronic illness
  • Has poor family background
  • Wedding gift (for student who apply for marriage loan only)
  • Muallaf


Financial Advance Loan

The following cases can be considered for the loan :     

  • Late receiving of scholarship / financial assistance
  • Suspension of scholarship / financial assistance due to low GPA
  • Require to purchase high cost equipment/ materials/ tools for study


Marriage Loan

Terms and Conditions  :

  • All registered and sponsored students only
  • Repayment is done through deduction of sponsorship by Finance Division
  • Application to be submitted 3 months before the ceremony & attach a copy of pre-marriage course certificate


Insurance Coverage and Claims

Group Personal Accident (GPA) :

  • All IIUM students are insured under the Group Personal Accident Insurance by Syarikat Takaful (M) Berhad via our insurance broker Syarikat Willis (Malaysia)
  • Insurance will be paid to students for cases such as bodily injury and death caused by accidental means
  • Natural death is not covered under this scheme.


Physically Disable Student Services

  • Student can obtain information pertaining to part-time employment in the campus.
    • Vacancies offered such as Administrative Assistant, Library Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant and Graduate Administrative Assistant.
      • To assist on the Physically Disable Student (PDS) to get special allowance and any other benefits/facilities from Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
      • To look into special needs of PDS.