Leadership and Training Department.

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STADD provide various range of platform for students of diverse interests to express their talents, creativity and skills in various extra-curricular activities through clubs and societies/associations. Students' participation is voluntary in nature and they do not gain any academic credited.  However, the students will receive points which will be recorded in the Co-Curricular  Activity Transcript base on the level of their participation.
     -  To supervise, monitor and facilitate students clubs and societies.
     -  Monitored and supervised by the related Unit
     -  With or without an operating budget from the University's fund
     -  Requires sponsorship from outside organization if the budget is beyond the allocation given by IIUM
Department driven programmes:-
     1)  Proposed and organized by the Unit.
     2)  Fully sponsored by the University or obtain sponsorship from outside in collaborated programmes.
     3)  Fully supervised by the Unit but assisted by students
     1)  Program Management Unit (PMU)
     2)  Student Interest and Training Unit ( SITU)
     3)  Community Service Centre (CENSERVE)
     4)  General Administration and Finance Unit (AFU)
     5)  Strategic and Quality Assurance Unit (SQAU)
     1)  Program Management Unit (PMU)

     2)  Student Interest and Training Unit ( SITU)

     3)  Community Service Centre (CENSERVE)

     4) General Admin & Finance

      -  Human Resource Management

      -  Human Resource Planning

      -  Human Resource Development

     -  competency

     -  Appraisal/Promotion/Award

     -  Staff Welfare & Discipline

     Office Management

    -  Customer services

    -  Cleanliness

    -  Facilities and Properties/Inventory

    -  Filing System and others

    -  Safety and security

    -  Report/Meeting

    Financial Management

   -  Financial Controller

   -  Budgeting

   -  Procurement and Payment

   -  Student Trust Fund

   -  STADD Trust Fund


5)  Strategic and Quality Assurance Unit (SQAU)   


     -  Balanced Scorecard & Strategic Planning

     Quality Assurance

     -  ISO Certification & Documentation (Assist. Document Controller/Quality Manager)

     -  ISO 9001:2008 Maintenance Programme

               -  Internal & External (SIRIM) Audit

               -  Workshops (NCR & OFI)

     -  Quality Programme (Mahallah Quality Award & Agency Award)

     -  KPI

     -  Customer Complaint (Report & Analysis)

     -  Quality Improvement (customer service survey, QSI)

     -  Report (Quality objective, Plan of Action)