Transport Unit

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Transportation Unit
Tel:  +603 6196 5486/3649   Fax:  +603 5487
Our transportation is driven by trained drivers who possessed at least 5 years experience in driving bus/mini bus/van/MPV.  Our main focus is to provide efficient, safe and comfortable transportation service to the university community.  Our services are stated as below:
- Scheduling
- On Campus Shuttle service
- Staff and student programmes
     -  Provide application forms as requested by students.
     -  Receive the completed application form from students
     -  Verify the application form submitted by the students.  The form has to be attached with t
        the letter/proposal of approved program by SAAC or recommendation letter from officer in-charge of t
        the programme.
     -  Check transportation booking schedules.
     -  Inform the students about the availability of the transportation booked.
     -  Re-confirm the booking of the transport with the students
     -  Assign a driver for the trip
     -  Check the condition of the bus.  Ensure that punctuality are accordingly adhered to.
     -  Record the document in the relevant files.
- Rental of outside buses
- Survey
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