Department of Chemistry

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Department of Chemistry



The Department of Chemistry is one of the departments in the Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM. The Department of Chemistry has been established since 2010. Chemistry courses which are offered in the department must be enrolled by Sciences Programmes students as their core courses. The Sciences Programmes are Engineering, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Medical, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Allied Health Sciences and Nursing.

This deparment functions as a preparatory platform to provide the knowledge and skills in the field of chemistry. The students who have completed their programme can join the Kulliyyah at Gombak Campus or at Kuantan Campus. Curriculum of chemistry courses are designed to suit the need of the Kulliyyah. There are two programmes under the supervision of Department of Chemistry which are Allied Health Sciences and Nursing.


  • To prepare students for admission into the bachelor degree programmes at Kuliyyah in Gombak Campus or Kuantan Campus
  • To provide the students with knowledge and skills which are required in chemistry field


The department offers two (2) courses:

CHL0315          CHEMISTRY I

This course covers seven (7) topics of general chemistry. The topics are:  atoms, molecules and ions; chemical reaction and stoichiometry; gases and kinetic molecular theory; atomic structure; chemical bonding; intermolecular forces and liquids; and reaction kinetics. It also covers quantitative and qualitative laboratory work.


CHL0325               CHEMISTRY II

This course covers topic on organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Topics on organic chemistry are: functional groups, nomenclature and isomerism, basic concept of organic reactions, hydrocarbons, haloalkanes, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, aromatic compounds. The topics covered in physical chemistry are: thermochemistry, chemical equilibrium, acid-base equilibria and electrochemistry. It also covers quantitative and qualitative (reaction and identification of organic compounds) laboratory work.