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Masterclass: Practical Application of Stories & Strategies from the KM Cookbook 

Date: Friday 5th April 2019

Venue: International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur

Duration: 09.00am – 4.30pm

Overview & learning outcomes:

The publication of a set of KM Standards (ISO 30401) in 2018 presented Knowledge & Information Management Professionals with an opportunity to take a giant step along the path to corporate legitimacy. But how many are ready, what might they need to do and where can they get advice?


Authors Paul Corney, Chris Collision and Patricia Eng felt the ISO KM Standard was a great topic around which to base a book. Not a book that promises to help the reader ‘pass’ an assessment, more one that draws on great examples from 16 leading global organisations and highlight aspects from their KM Programmes others might find inspirational.


As we progressed through the interviews and writing of these ‘menu chapters’, we kept stumbling on memorable examples which we wanted to curate for the reader.  A Chef’s Specials chapter acts as a summary of the Menus and highlights where we feel the KM programmes meet or exceed the KM Chef’s Canvas, which is our approach to presenting the requirements of ISO 30401 in a one-page visualisation.


This interactive masterclass (the 4th Paul has run at IIUM) will use “The KM Cookbook: Stories and strategies for organisations exploring Knowledge Management Standard ISO 30401 as a backdrop. It will take a deep dive into the KM Chef’s Canvas and “Chef’s Specials” highlighting examples of good and innovative KM practices. Paul will also share the approach used to create the book.


Paul will draw on more than 40 years’ experience as a business leader, consultant and advisor to diverse businesses. He will use illustrations from numerous global KM assignments he has conducted.


The Masterclass will provide delegates with:

  • An approach for comparing their own KM programme with global exemplars
  • An insight into the mindset of the KM assessor
  • An understanding of how KM can be embedded into operational processes
  • An opportunity to conduct a KM Canvas assessment of their KM programme


Keywords: KM Canvas; Innovation; Expertise; Personae; Story boarding; Visualisations; KM Certification; Chef’s Specials, Critical 8 ‘ates; Knowledgeur; Virtual reality


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