• Solve diverse environmental problems using biotechnology principles and environmentally friendly technologies and techniques.
• Conduct research and provide engineering solutions using, experimental, analytical, and computational techniques in environmentally friendly ways.
• Develop bioprocess for waste management and to convert waste into wealth.

Waste Management
• Treatment, conversion and recycling.
• Environmental Pollution Control and Prevention.
• Water pollution, air pollution and land pollution.

Development of Bioproducts
• Biofuels enzymes, activated carbon, organic acids and compost.

Water Resources Management
• Water pollution (PS & NPS) & integrated catchment management.

Agro-industrial Waste: Utilization and Minimization
• Bioconversion of organic waste.

• Product development, conduct feasibility & detail study.

• Bioprocess and bioproducts from waste,
• Bioenergy production,
• Water and wastewater treatment,
• Solid waste and leachate management,
• Environmental study and pollution control,
• EIA, Environmental accounting, auditing and monitoring,
• Air pollution and odour control,
• Urban drainage, stormwater management,
• Hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality modelling, and
• Flood control, water resources and catchment management.