Completed Research done by Postgraduate Students

Ongoing Research

1. PhD. Abdulbaqi Ali al Khabouri. (2004-2007). Development of Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for an Arid Area Using Expert system- A case of Wadi Ma’awil Oman Suleyman A Muyibi (Chairman), Nessereldeen A Kabbashi, Mohamed Thamer Ahmed(UPM)
2. PhD. Shah Samiur Rashid (Bangladesh), Cellulae Enzyme from palm oil mill effluent: pproduction, characterization and application. Supervisor.
3. PhD. Aliyu Salihu (Nigeria). Production and characterization of lipase enzyme utilizing palm oil mill effluent by liquid state bioconversion. 2011.
4. MSc. Md Munir Hayet Khan . 2005-2007. Solid state bioconversion of rice straw for production of cellulases by selected fungi. Salmiatul A Ali (Supervisor, UPM), Md Zahangir Alam (co-supervisor)
5. MSc. Mariatul F. Mansor . Production and separation of ligninolytic enzyme using organic waste by liquid state bioconversion. Md Zahangir Alam (Supervisor), KCA Jalal.: Successful thesis examination January 2007.
6. MSc. Muna Tasnim (Malaysia), Purification, characterization and application of celluleses obtained from STP fermentation broth, Supervisor.
7. MSc. Ahmed Idris Adewale. MSc. Identification Of Chemical Parameters For The Extraction Of Nahar( Mesua Ferrea) Seed Oil For Antibacterial Activities.