The Bio process and Molecular Engineering Research Unit (BPMERU) provides industrial and scientific solutions using experimental, analytical, computational and industrial / bio processing techniques which are necessary when dealing with problems involving microbial biodiversity, functional foods, functional genomics, metabolic engineering, production of complex recombinant antibiotics from bacteria, transgenic plants and biosensor development.


Bio process & Molecular Engineering Research Unit (BPMERU) aimed to focus and conduct research on biological Twenty-4 processes using biocatalysts such as enzymes, microorganisms, and animal and plant cells with broad application for the industry.


  • To develop and enhance concepts, methods, tools, techniques, technologies and products using integrated approach encompassing biomolecular engineering to bioprocessing of biomolecules and bioenergy
  • To serve the biomolecular and bioprocessing-related stakeholders through courses, training, consultancy and collaborative research
  • To promote sustainable development through ethical practice of biomolecular and bioprocess engineering


BPMERU envisages to become a leading research entity in the area of  biomolecularand bioprocess engineering  with a unique strategic combination of complementary expertise from multidisciplinary fields, enabling research in the complete pipeline of biomoleculesdevelopment and production for the benefit of mankind.