Family Life in Islam

Khurshid Ahmad


  • Preface
    1. Islamic Approach to Life: The Foundations
      1. Tauhid: The Unity of God
      2. Manís Vicegerency
      3. A Complete Way of Life
      4. Faith As the Basis of Society
    2. The Family in Islam: Basic Principles
      1. Divinely-Inspired Institution
      2. Social Contract
      3. Faith and the Family
      4. Marriage
      5. Equality of the Sexes
    3. The Family: Its Objectives and Functions
      1. Preservation and Continuation of the Human Race
      2. Protection of Morals
      3. Psycho-Emotional Stability, Love and Kindness
      4. Socialisation and Value-Orientatior
      5. Social and Economic Security
      6. Widening the Family Horizons and Producing Social Cohesion in Society
      7. Motivation for Effort and Sacrifice
    4. The Family in Islam: Structure, Principles and Rules