In the name of Allah, most beneficient most Merciful
In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficient Most Merciful

The DEED-IRR Homepage: Islamic Resources Repository

Asslam Alaikum - Peace be upon you

This website is for providing a dedicated resource for Islam and Islam related stuff like Quran, Hadith, etc. It also provides a database of various translations of the Quran and Hadith and other material. Explore the site to see the extensiveness of its contents!
This project was conducted on behalf of the Information Technology Division (ITD), International Islamic University by the DEED group.

Introduction to deed Group


This part of the site contains information about the DEED group and its work. It also highlights the purpose and working of the group.

Translations of Quran

Translations Of Quran

This part of the site includes detailed information and various collections of Quran translations that are available on our site. This includes transliterations in various languages also. We also have a search for the quran translations.

Hadith translations Page

Translations Of Hadith

Here you'll find a database of Hadith translations. This part of the site includes detailed hadith translations of various hadith sources. It also includes some other assorted collections and articles. These translations can be searched through the search site.

Islamic lawbase Collection

Islamic Lawbase Collection

This part of the site includes Collections like Fiqh us Sunah and Al Majalle Al Ahkam Al Adaliyyah. More to Come soon.

Glossary of islamic terms Page

Glossary of Islamic Terms

This part of the site includes detailed Glossary of Islamic Terms. Check the Glossary for any definition that you may require.

Article collection Page

Articles Collection

Check out our Article Collection - The latest addition to our site! Various aspects of Islam are covered in our articles collection. Many issues are discussed.

What is new Page

What Is New

What is new on our site! Information about what is new in our site, any aditions, corrections or deletions.

Links to other sites Page

Links to other Islamic sites

Go to DEED links and learn about other interesting sites for your reference!

Comments & suggestions Page

Comments and Suggestions

Give us your comments and suggestions and any problems as well!

Downloads Page


Some Downloads that we have to offer. More in the ftp site!

Search Page


Search our site! Still testing. So bear with us.

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