The Risala : A Treatise on Maliki Fiqh

'Abdullah ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (310/922 - 386/996)

Translated by Alhaj Bello Mohammad Daura, MA (London)

(Including commentary from ath-Thamr ad-Dani by al-Azhari)

Abu Muhammad 'Abdullah, a Maliki faqih known as "Shaykh al-Faqih" and "little Malik". He was the head of the Maliki school in Qayrawan. He wrote ar-Risala and an-Nawadir and several other books. (His biography in the Tartib al-Madarik)

  • Prologue
    1. Creeds
    2. What Necessitates Wudu' and Ghusl
    3. Purity of Water, Place and Clothing
    4. Wudu' and Cleaning Oneself after the Lavatory
    5. Ghusl
    6. Tayammum
    7. Wiping over Leather Socks
    8. Times of the Prayer
    9. The Adhan
    10. How to Perform the Prayer
    11. The Imam
    12. On various aspects of the prayer
    13. The sajdas of the Qur'an
    14. The Travel Prayer
    15. The Jumu'a Prayer
    16. The Fear Prayer
    17. The 'Id Prayers
    18. The Eclipse Prayer
    19. The Rain Prayer
    20. Care and Burial of the Dead
    21. The Funeral Prayer
    22. Burial of a Child
    23. Fasting
    24. I'tikaf
    25. Zakat
    26. Zakat on Livestock
    27. Zakat al-Fitr
    28. Hajj and 'Umra
    29. Sacrifices, Slaughter of Animals, 'Aqiqa, Hunting
    30. Jihad
    31. Oaths and Vows
    32. Marriage & Divorce
    33. 'Idda and Maintenance
    34. Sales
    35. Wills and Setting slaves free
    36. Pre-emption, gifts, alms, endowment, pledge, loan, trust, an article or thing found, and compulsion.
    37. Homicide cases and other judgements.
    38. Judgement and Evidence.
    39. Inheritance.
    40. Summarising some aspects of prayer etc.
    41. Good Manners, Circumcision, shaving of hair, dressing and such things.
    42. Food and Drink.
    43. Greetings, permission to enter house, confiding in a friend, reciting the Qur'an, supplication (du'a), remembrance of Allah, and what to do when embarking on a journey.
    44. Treatment, a mention of incantation, the evil eye, astrology, castration, tattoo, mention of dogs, and leniency to slaves.
    45. Dreams, yawning, sneezing, chess, horse-racing, shooting and other such things.

    (The translation here is not intended to be the final version, but it is hoped that it will be of some use to those looking for texts on Maliki fiqh.)