The Department of Science in Engineering offers PhD and Master of Science in Engineering (research mode) programmes. There are two specialisations under both programmes: Engineering Science and Engineering Mathematics. Engineering Science is a branch of engineering that employ various scientific principles and covers multi-disciplinary areas in the research and development of emerging technologies. Typical examples include but not limited to space technology, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, biotechnology and others. Engineering mathematics refers to a branch of applied mathematics that concerns the mathematical methods and techniques used in engineering and industry.

Staff from the Department of Science in Engineering are involved in various areas of research. Potential postgraduate candidates who are interested to study PhD or Master of Science in Engineering under the supervision of staff from the department are welcome to contact the staff personally. Below is the list of staff in alphabetical order.

1. Abdul Aziz Ahmad  (PhD: Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Thermostable enzymes, Molecular dynamics simulation
2. Abdumalik Rakhimov (PhD: Differential Equations, DSc: Mathematical Physics)
Current research interest/work: Applied Mathematics, Harmonic analysis,
Heat and wave problems with Math Solutions
3. Abdurahim Okhunov  (PhD: Physics and Mathematics)
Current research interest/work: Nuclear physics, nuclear structure
4. Hanisah Manshor  (PhD: Materials Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Engineering materials
5. Jamal I. Daoud  (PhD: Statistics)
Current research interest/work: Regression models and regression model assumptions, Inferential Statistics, Experimental Design
6. Kartini Ahmad (PhD: Mathematics)
Current research interest/work: Numerical analysis, Fluid mechanics, Heat equations
7. Maziati Akmal Mat Harttar @ Mohd Hatta (PhD: Materials Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Engineering materials
8. Md Sazzad Hossien Chowdhury (PhD: Mathematics)
Current research interest/work: Applied mathematics, Numerical analysis, Analytical methods, Fluid mechanics, Differential equations
9. Mohd Lukman Ibrahim (PhD: Physics)
Current research interest/work: Semiconductor devices, Organic photovoltaics
10. Mohd Saiful Riza Bashri (PhD: Electronics Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Biomedical imaging/sensing, Radio-frequency (RF) MEMS components, RFID
11. Noraini Mohamed Noor (PhD: Advanced Materials)
Current research interest/work: Waste materials for energy
12. Norhanis Aida Mohd Noor  (PhD: Communication Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Free space optics, visible light
13. Raihan Othman (PhD: Physics)
Current research interest/work: Electrochemical materials and devices, Thin film technology
14. Suazlan Mat Aznam   (PhD: Mechanical Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Heat transfer engineering, numerical method
15. Zaharah Wahid   (PhD: Chemical & Process Engineering)
Current research interest/work: Applied statistics, Experimental design and analysis