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Ros Aniza Bt. Mohd. Shariff

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Banking - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Durham
  • Master of Science (Accounting) - Masters Degree, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting - Bachelor Degree, Philadelphia University

Ros Aniza Bt. Mohd. Shariff (Dr.)

Assistant Professor
IIUM Gombak Campus


Expert Profile

Dr. Ros Aniza Mohd Shariff joined the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in 2000. Prior to that, she had worked with Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor (KUIS). She obtained her BSc in Accounting (Hon) degree from Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan in 1998 and completed her Master's degree (MSc in Accounting) at IIUM with specialization in Islamic Accounting in 2003 and Ph.D degree from Durham University, in 2012. Her Ph.D thesis focused on service quality of Islamic and conventional banks in Malaysia.
To date, she has published articles in various journals, such as International Journal of Islamic Financial Services and International Journal of Education and Research. She has also presented papers in various conferences including the Durham Islamic Finance Summer School 2012 (Durham University, United Kingdom), 5th Kyoto-Durham International Workshop in Islamic Economics and Finance 2012 (Kyoto University, Japan), Gulf Research Meeting 2012 (Cambridge University, United Kingdom), 2nd Global Islamic Marketing Conference 2012 (United Arab Emirates University, UAE), British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Conference 2011 (Aston University, United Kingdom),4th International Conference on Global Economic Crisis from Islamic Economic Perspectives 2010 (Kuwait University, Kuwait), Islamic Perspectives on Management and Finance Conference 2009 (Leicester University, United Kingdom), and International Islamic Banking Conference 2003 (Prato, Italy).
In addition to her involvement in the academic community, she is also actively involved in students activities at Mahallah level. She is the Principal of Mahallah Asma' since 2013. Previously, she was a fellow at Mahallah Sumayyah and Mahallah Hafsah. She is also honored to have been entrusted with various administrative positions related to student activities, including Director, Programme for Mahallah Committees Leadership Training (Mclead 2015), Treasurer for Inter-Mahallah Cultural Week (IMCW 2014), and Treasurer for Inter-Mahallah Sports Carnival (ISC 2015). Currently, she is IIUM's representative for Majlis Perumahan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia (MAPUM). On the national education front, she was appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education to be a committee member for preparing the guidelines for Public Higher Learning Institutions College Accommodation. She was also selected by MAPUM as a committee member on the harmonization of MAPUM's Policy and Objectives, and Residential College's Charges. Other opportunity given to her was to be selected by the Public Service Department to interview candidates for government scholarship award.
Presently, Dr. Ros Aniza is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting, where she teaches undergraduate courses such as Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Zakat Accounting and Accounting for Islamic Banks. She also teaches Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions at the postgraduate level. Her research interest lies in the areas of Islamic Accounting, Accounting for Islamic Banks, Performance of Islamic Banks, Service Quality of Islamic Financial Institutions, Accounting for Zakat and Waqaf, Accounting Education and Financial Reporting and Disclosure.

Area of Specialisation

  • Economics, Business And Management ~ Economics, Business And Management ~ Accounting ~ Islamic Accounting

Professional Membership

  • 2018: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Certified Trainer of MDEC / Entrepreneurship Educators for MDEC), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation
  • 2018: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Certified Trainer Alibaba Global e-Commerce Talent Program), Ministry of Higher Education
  • 2019: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Certified Trainer of HRDF/ Member ), Human Resource Development Fund
  • 2021 - 2022: Member of Profesional Body / Association: (Member of Majlis Keusahawanan Mahasiswa Universiti Malaysia (MAKMUM)), Ministry of Higher Education

Teaching Responsibilities

USRAH IN ACTION 1 2023/2024

Research Projects

2022 - 2023 Quadruple Helix Network to Empower Youth & Single Mother for Sejahtera Community
2013 - 2014 Manual for Intermediate Accounting (ACC 2001)
2022 - Present Knowledge Transfer on Accounting Practices and Digital Entrepreneurship For Sustainable Economic Growth of Asnaf Microentrepreneurs in Perlis.
2021 - Present Strategic Planning and Marketing Strategies for a Sustainable Asnaf Business Center
2018 - Present Shariah Non-compliant Events in Islamic Banks: Formulating a Mitigation Mechanism for the Application of Hybrid Products in Malaysia
2017 - Present The Analysis of Corporate Governance and Intellectual Capital in Indonesian Islamic Banks : A Study from organisational Growth Prespective
2014 - Present Modelling of an Accounting and Reporting Framework for Waqf in Malaysia
2007 - Present Islamic Accounting and Accountability Research Unit (IAARU)



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