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Last Updated; 4th Sept 2020

Change of Programme (COP)

A Complete application package should consist of the following items:

  •   Administrative Fee of RM 100 (non-refundable)
  •   A copy of approval letter from sponsor, EPT and APT result, High School /   A Level Certificate or equivalent, latest confirmation slip and Matriculation transcript   (for IIUM Matriculation Graduates Only)

To apply, please click here


When can I apply for "Change of Programme"?

Application can be made during the first semester of your studies. The Sub-Committee for Change of Programme (COP) will only consider and decide after the result of the current semester is released. The applicant will be informed of the decision latest by the first week of the new semester.

Applications from new students can only be considered after they have undergone at least one (1) semester of studies.

Change of Programme only applies to students whose credits attempted are not more than 40 credit hours.

How to apply for a "Change of Programme"? 

The application must be made through your Student Portal (i-ma'luum). Please submit the printable application form to the Academic Management and Admissions Division office.

How much does it cost to apply for "change of programme"?

Non-refundable processing fee of RM100 must be paid at the point of application.

When is the closing date for the application to "change of programme"?

The closing date for the application to 'Change of Programme' is stated on your Student Portal (i-ma'luum).

Can I apply to change programme after receiving the offer letter?

No, you can only apply to change programme while you are attending your first semester.