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Last Updated; 4th Sept 2020

Foundation Admission Matters

Centre for Foundation Studies (formerly known as Matriculation Centre) is a specially designed centre to accommodate and prepare students for entrance to degree programmes offered at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). 

This Centre for Foundation Studies that was established in July 1985 always support philosophy aspirations, vision and mission of IIUM that emphasize on four aspects of Integration, Islamization, International exposure and Comprehensive Excellence or shortly described as "Triple ICE" or "IIICE" meaning "Integration", "Islamisation", "Internationalization" and "Comprehensive Excellence". 

In its implementation, the centre emphasizes Islamic-based education where students are exposed to Islamic values and ways to enhance their understanding of Islam in theory and practice in the era of globalization.

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Admission Requirements

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The applicant must fulfill the academic requirements for admission into foundation programs of IIUM;

(Endorsed by Senate IIUM No. 462/2019)

(Effective 2021/2022).