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Management Services Division (MSD) 
Level 3, Muhammad Abdul Rauf Building
International Islamic University Malaysia
P.O. Box 10,
50728 Kuala Lumpur,

+603-6421 5556

+603-6421 4998

About Us

Management Services Division is responsible for Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Corporate Services and Support Services. The Management Services Division is committed to support the leadership of the University in achieving the University's mission and vision.

From recruitment to exit and everything in between, the Division contributes to the growth of personal and professional lives of staff in meaningful and significant ways.

In undertaking its various functions to the University, MSD promises to provide top quality services to its stakeholders and customers. MSD is also receptive to feedbacks as well as ideas to improve its services. It is hoped that this homepage would be of help to the university's community in particular and the general public.

Manage Strategically to Deliver is the slogan of this Division which is responsible for three core areas of the university's administration namely Human Resource Safety and Health.

In line with that slogan, this website has been designed to deliver fast, reliable and accurate information regarding the services offered by the Division. The contents of this website are being updated where applicable to ensure that all MSD's customers are kept well informed. Thus, I welcome all customers to provide feedback for the continual improvement of the Division in delivering quality services to the customers.

Executive Director


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Valued as Experts in Developing and Producing Top Talent based on Islamic HR Governance.


We aim to fulfill Institutional and Individual Needs by delivering Innovative and Responsive Services towards Workplace Excellence.

  • To ensure the recruitment and retention of quality staff. 
  • To train and develop staff by improving their skills, knowledge, capabilities and competencies required. 
  • To ensure an efficient secretarial support for the IIUM Board of Governors. 
  • To provide efficient and effective services, based on Islamic Management philosophy and principles, in the area of human resources.

In working towards achieving the objectives of our Division, we promise to: 
  • Attend to our clients promptly, courteously and attentively. 
  • Keep the University's community informed, within one (1) to two (2) months of any latest information on policies, rules & regulations. 
  • Acknowledge the receipt of completed documents with regard to applications for HR related services within one (1) week. 
  • Inform clients within two (2) weeks of the University's authority decisions on their requests. 
  • Respond to complaints/ suggestions from our clients within reasonable time. 
  • In the case where we are not able to fulfill our promises as above, we will inform our clients within two (2) weeks.