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International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) stands to realize Integration, Islamization, Internationalization, and Comprehensive Excellence through its variegated programs and plans teaching, training, research, publication, dialogue, seminar, symposium, conference etc. It has completed thirty (30) years of its existence as a towering educational institution at international level. In order to celebrate its 30 year achievements it has planned to organize various events including international conferences on various themes reflecting its mission and vision. IIUM mosque (SHAS Mosque) built in the center of the Gombak campus of IIUM plays its crucial role in contributing towards IIUM’s objectives. The SHAS mosque administration has managed to widen the role of mosque from merely facilitating the task of prayers to spiritual enhancement, moral growth, social development, training and co-curricular programs. It has been endeavoring to globalize the broader vision of mosque. The SHAS Mosque the above mentioned conference, in conjunction with IIUM thirtieth anniversary celebrations.