International Symposium on Biotechnology Advances (ISBA);
“Smart and Green Technology: Harnessing the Potential of Biomass” (3 – 4 December 2013)

Biomass is carbon-based material from microorganisms, plants and animals. The term biomass has now become more and more recognized as a source of energy. While the traditional, non-renewable fuel originated from fossil sources are arguably depleting, smart technologies concerning biomass are attractive alternatives to petroleum, natural gas and coal. The alternatives offer an overall cleaner, more efficient and sustainable outcomes for the growing populations that include biofuel, electricity and specialized chemical products. Dedicated efforts are also put forth into deriving electrical energy from electrical energy from the relatively ‘greener’ solar cells, wind-wave-geothermal power and production of hydrogen fuel. It is inevitable that the biomass-oriented commercializations will put forward new economic players such as Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries within the global market scenarios impacting on the greater economy and environments.

The objective of the conference is to be a platform for leading scientists, researchers, academic scholars and engineers to present their findings and discuss future trends, directions and new challenges for the recent momentous scientific advances in biomass technology. The ISBA welcomes the submission of research papers including, but not limited to, papers that intersect and/or interconnect with the following topics:

  • Biomass resources
  • Development in biomass technologies
  • Biomass Conversion
  • Biomass utilization