ICIMSIS (3 – 4 December 2013)

1.     Background Objectives

Islamization and integration of human knowledge are among the main aims of the university;  while Islamization is centered on the belief in revisiting and possibly revising the worldviews that form the foundations of the various disciplines so that they become in line with revelation, the later constitutes variety of attempts to synthesis the teachings of the divine revelation (ulum al-wahy) and other fields of human knowledge which are derived from reason (al-‘aql), including social and natural sciences. This process is, arguably, inspired by two interrelated convictions; namely the belief in the ultimate harmony of revelation and reason; whereby revelation and reason are ultimately two moods of the same truth, and the belief that the crises of modern man could only be solved through an inclusive approach; a combination of revelation and reason.


2. Objectives

The conference aims:

  1. to offer a platform for scholars, professionals, educationists and academicians in fields of revealed religious knowledge, social and natural sciences to present, propose and discuss their findings and opinions on methods and approaches of integrating Islamic revealed knowledge and natural science.

  2. to identify not only how Islamization can be seen in a meaningful way at the operational level for Science; but also how Islamic revealed knowledge itself can be seen in a possibly more rigorous light where natural scientists including physicists, biologists, chemists and mathematicians can appreciate the rightfully complete harmony between man’s understanding of the divine prescriptions of revelation and his comprehension of the natural world.

3. Who should participate?

Students, researchers and academicians whose works are focused on the Islamization and integration of modern science and sciences of Islamic revealed knowledge, and those who seek to understand religious thoughts in a more scientific framework. Educators as well as those interested in the relationship between religion and science are also welcomed to participate. We look forward to your participation in the conference and towards fruitful academic discussions and intellectual input.

Selected papers would be published in the journal of Revelation and Science