The Kulliyyah of Science (KOS) has been organizing its flagship conference, International Conference in Advancement in Science and Technology (iCAST) since 2003 until its most recent 4th installment, iCAST 2012. Due to the strengthening of the various disciplines in the faculty, the themes for each conference themselves have been converging to specific areas/ niche such as  “An Integrated Approach Towards Science & Technology  for Sustainable Development” in the 2nd, The Science of Traditional Practices in Health and Disease in the third installment in 2010 and Contemporary Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and their Applications in 2012.

Given such a circumstance where each conference seem to focus more on specific disciplines, the faculty feels the need to have a congress which would be the culmination of the many disciplines reflected in the previous conferences in the faculty. The congress, which will be named, IIUM Congress on Science (iCOS) shall be a few day event comprising of the following conferences/ workshop;

1. International Conference on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI)

2. International Symposium on Biotechnology Advances (ISBA)

3. International Conference on Islamisation of Modern Science and Scientification of the Studies in Islamic Revealed Knowledge (ICIMSIS)

While the first, second and fourth components of the congress would be the contributions from the Physics, Biotechnology and Computational & Theoretical Sciences Departments, the conference ICIMSIS is the second installment of a conference which upholds the university’s mission in Islamisation and Integration. This concentrated effort of the kulliyyah is also timely as it is to be held in conjunction with the university’s 30th anniversary celebration.