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General Criteria


IRIIE 2014 Judging Criteria - Open Category    


Judging criteria


Full Score

Judge’s  score & remarks

Innovative/Novelty/Creativity / Ability / Originality        

The researcher should be able to demonstrate the novelty, innovativeness and creativity of the research idea, concept or product which is more meaningful to the scientific or public community.

·         Originality of the innovation (10)

·         Adequate proper plan of study is being taken. Research follows well-establish method(s) and based on authoritative and comprehensive sources (10)

·         There is sufficient data available to support the research/study. (10)





Scientific/Social/Economic Thought and applicability of the research/product

·         Study conducted should be able to solve the problem being identified. (10)

·         The study should contribute to the advancement of knowledge, technology or society. (10)

·         Status and completeness of the research/product (10)





·         Effort – informative and attractive presentation (10)

·         Knowledge – about the innovation & scientific thought (5)





The product has economic  and commercial potential

·         Market demand & size – what is the anticipated market demand (5)

·         Intellectual Property (IP: trademark, copyright, pattern, statutory declaration etc. (5)

·         Technology transfer potential  (5)





Publication of researcher(s)

Is there any publication regarding the area of research in 2013 by the researcher(s)?

·         Academic journal/ book/ monograph  (5 per article)

·         Proceedings (3 per paper)

·         Others (e.g. workshop paper, technical/consultation report, popular article) (2 per item)






Note: Entries must be associated with any research grant