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Researcher Awards

Outstanding Researcher Award and Promising Researcher Award

In conjunction with IRIIE, Kulliyyahs are invited to nominate a maximum of two staff for each of these annual awards. The nominees will be required to showcase their work and achievement of the current

calendar year during the exhibition. They will be given special booths for this purpose. External judges will be visiting these booths for evaluation. The winners of the award will be announced during


A pre-requisite for nomination is that the nominee must also submit his or her individual entry for  IRIIE 2014.  Individual researcher who are interested to be nominated can fill in the form included below  and submit the completed form to the respective Kulliyyah for evaluation.


To nominate, Kulliyyahs participants are required to fill up the nomination forms in  soft copy and submit online at http://www.iium.edu.my/irie/14/rmc/openconf.php after fill up the online submission form. After online submission of online application form, they are required to upload supporting documents in soft copy through online system.   The hard copy should besent to the office of the Director, Corporate Strategy and Quality Assurance.


To obtain a copy of the Outstanding Researcher Award form, please click here.

                                           Evaluation criteria, please  click Outstanding Criteria.

To obtain a copy of the Promising Researcher Award form, please click here

                         Evaluation criteria, please  click Promising Criteria.

Submission of nomination for the awards to be determined very soon