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Department of Physics



Knowledge in Physics is essential for one to truly understand Science and Engineering. Physics is an amazing field because the origin of the universe is now much understood through the study of physics. Thus will lead us to know the Master Creator of the Universe, Allah SWT and submit ourselves to Him.

The Department of Physics at Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM was established in June 2010 and under the purview of Office of Deputy Dean Science Programmes (ODDSP). The department offers physics knowledge at the fundamental level comprising of mechanics, thermodynamics, vibration and waves, electricity and magnetism, light and optics and quantum physics.

Courses offer by department are conducted in the modes of lecture, tutorial, project, e-learning and practical. Our department is always committed to integrate Islamisation in our teachings as to uphold the university mission and vision (Triple ICE). Commencing 2016/2017 academic session, the intergration will be fully implemented in our syllabus. Students who graduate from CFS will pursue their studies to Science and Engineering programmes offered at Kulliyyahs IIUM Gombak and Kuantan.


  • To prepare the candidates for admission into the bachelor degree programmes at Kuliyyahs, IIUM Gombak and Kuantan
  • To provide the candidates with physics knowledge and skills which are required in Science and Engineeering field
  • To monitor the academic performance and activities of the students in the Engineering programmes




The course covers the foundations of physics in which includes topics on physical quantities; vector operation; kinematics; force and Newton’s Laws; work and energy; momentum and collision; angular motion; equilibrium and non-equilibrium; deformation of solids; periodic motion and wave motion.



The course covers the foundations of physics which includes topics on thermal physics, laws of thermodynamics, electric forces, fields and potential, magnetic fields and forces, electromagnetic induction, direct-current and alternating current, wave optics and quantum physics



The course covers the foundations practical physics includes topics of general introduction to physics laboratory, graphing technique, data acquisition and introduction to computerized experiment, direct current and alternating current, geometrical optics, electromagnetic induction, thermodynamics, kinematics, periodic motion  and wave motion.