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Centre for Foundation Studies

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Administration Building,
26300 Gambang,
Pahang Darul Makmur,Malaysia
Phone: +609 518 3400/2520

Registration & Scheduling Matters
Phone: +609 518 2520/2522/2528

Examination & Graduation Matters
Phone: +609 518 2524/2525/2519/2521

Office of the Deputy Dean Academic & Internationalisation (ODDAIL) Virtual Counter


Any matters related to CFS, please email 

to: cfs.enquiry@iium.edu.my

ISO 9001:2015

Download here: IIUM QUALITY POLICY 2020

Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS)

Core Process
No.Document No.ProcedureVersion No.Revision No.Effective Date/Revision Date
1.IIUM/CFS/CP/01  Preparation of Curriculum of Academic Programme  03001 Jul. 2020
2.IIUM/CFS/CP/03Course Scheduling03001 Jul. 2020
3.IIUM/CFS/CP/04Course Registration03001 Jul. 2020
4.IIUM/CFS/CP/05Monitoring Student's Attendance03001 Jul. 2020
5.IIUM/CFS/CP/06Preparing of Examination Question Papers03001 Jul. 2020
6.IIUM/CFS/CP/07Preparation of the End-of-Semester Examination Timetable03001 Jul. 2020
7.IIUM/CFS/CP/08Printing of End-of-Semester Question Papers03001 Jul. 2020
8.IIUM/CFS/CP/09Student Feedback Survey03001 Jul. 2020
9.IIUM/CFS/CP/10Handling of the End-of-Semester Examination03001 Jul. 2020
10.IIUM/CFS/CP/11Marking of Answer Scripts and Grading & Submission of Final Grade          03001 Jul. 2020
11.IIUM/CFS/CP/12Processing and Releasing of Examination Results03001 Jul. 2020
12.IIUM/CFS/CP/13Analysis of Students' Performance03001 Jul. 2020
13.IIUM/CFS/CP/14Rechecking of Answer Scripts03001 Jul. 2020
14. IIUM/CFS/CP/15Completion of Foundation Programmes03001 Jul. 2020

Support Process
No.Document No.ProcedureVersion No.       Revision No.        Effective Date/Revision Date
1.IIUM/CFS/SP/01Appointment of Part-Time Teachers/Lecturers03001 Jul. 2020
2.  IIUM/CFS/SP/02Training for Academic Staff (Local Seminar/Conference/Short Courses)                           03001 Jul. 2020
3.IIUM/CFS/SP/03Customer Complaints/Enquiries03 001 Jul. 2020


Monitoring of the Maintenance of Teaching FacilitiesMonitoring of the Maintenance of Teaching Facilities03

1 Jul. 2020

5.IIUM/CFS/SP/05Booking of Venues for Teaching and Learning Purposes03 001 Jul. 2020
6.IIUM/CFS/SP/06Procurement Process of Teaching Equipment03 001 Jul. 2020
7.IIUM/CFS/SP/07 Payment Process03 001 Jul. 2020
8.IIUM/CFS/SP/08Application for Part-Time (Administrative & Technical)03001 Oct. 2020