Masters' Abstract

Masters' Abstract

Fitrynadia Binti Mohd Shahli

G1314960 MSBE

The Value of Landscape Design Towards Residents in Housing Areas in the Klang Valley
Nurazlina Binti Abu Bakar

G1315852 MSBE

Assessment on the Recreational Participation and satisfaction among Low-Income Residents in Kuala Lumpur
Nur Illani Binti Abdul Razak

G1228386 MSBE

Landscape Ethnobotany : Study on Plant Material in Malay Traditional Postpartum Bath
Brunilda Basha

G1210054 MSBE

Viability of Adaptive Reuse with Social Approach : Case Study of Asia Heritage Row, Kuala Lumpur
Mirahida Binti Murad 
G1214866 MSBE
An Assessment on the Physical Factors that Influence Reading Preferences of Secondary school Students in the Suburban area of Kuala Lumpur
Nurul Azlen Bt Hanifah

G1128038 MSBE
Study on Inorganic Pollutant in urban Lakes and Assessment of Riccia Fluitants to Remediate Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and Pb Toxicity through in Vivo Model System
Ummi Aqilah Binti Khalid 
G1119884 MSBE
The Assessment of heavy-Rail Based Public Transportation Performances under National Key Results Area (NKRA) 2011-2012 : The Case of KTM Komuter
Mohd Hazwan Bin Hamidi

G1113101 MSBE

Typology and Functions of Courtyard in Malaysian Terrace House
Ainaa Nawwarah Binti Ibrahim

G1118712 MSBE

The Perceptions of Community and Public Agencies on the Issued of Coastal Erosion in Selangor
Muhammad Ihsan Bin Shaharil

G1117217 MSBE

The Trend of Airborne Particulates Distribution at Residential Areas in Relation to Coal Power Plant in Manjung, Perak
Syed Huzaifah Syed Omar
G1116321 MSBE
Evaluation of User Acceptance in An Augmented Reality Application for Architectural Virtual Heritage Experience
Farah Diyanah Binti Ismail

G1116276 MSBE

Factors Influencing the Stated Preference of Employees towards the Adoption of Telecommuting in IIUM Campus, Gombak
Nurul Aida Binti Salim
G1115458 MSBE
Urban Sustainability in the Context of Maqasid Al-Shariah : A Study on Malaysian Urban Indicators Network (MURNInet)
Noor Alyani Binti Yaacob
G1114232 MSBE
A Study on the Factors Influencing Parents Decision in Choosing Private Schools : A Case Study of Selangor
Aisyah Nadhrah Binti Ibrahim
G1113802 MSBE
The Impacts of Tsunami on the Affected Community : Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah
Nuraihan Binti Mohd Ibrahim 
G1113704 MSBE
Public School Development and Planning : Parents’ Criteria for School Selection and Enrollment
Zulfadzly Azizi Bin Bohari

G1113247 MSBE

The Application of Simwalk Simulation Model and Siliconcoach for Pedestrian Movement in Transit Station : A Case Study of Masjid Jamek LRT Station
Nur Aulia Bt Rosni

G1111960 MSBE

The Perception of Planning Stakeholders in the Implementation of Kajang Municipal Council Local Plan 2020 with Reference to Public Facilities Sector
Sharifah Adibah Alyia Bt Syed Adnan
G1111738 MSBE
Analysis of Parking Demand on the Park and Ride Facility at Putrajaya Public Transportation Terminal
Norsyamimi Binti Hanapi

G1111104 MSBE

Characterization of Airborne Particulates (Inhalable and Respirable) at the National Museum Malaysia
Nur Shazwani Bt Rosli

G1110462 MSBE

The Effects of Road Humps on Residential Living Environment in Taman Keramat, Kuala Lumpur
Noor Fatehah Binti Mat So’od
G1110134 MSBE
An Evaluation of Integrating Learning Environment in Hospital Schools in Malaysian Public Hospitals
Nadzhirah Binti Mohd Nadzir

G1036620 MSBE

The Impacts of Seri Tanjung Pinang Coastal Reclamation on the Social Economy of the Community in Tanjung Tokong, Penang
Iman Binti Fadzil
G1036254 MSBE
Incorporating Islamic Environmental Ethics in the Management of Nature Reserve Areas
Nor Dalila Nazihah Binti Che Hashim

G1032916 MSBE
Public Seating in One Utama shopping Centre, Malaysia
Siti Suhana Binti Alias

G1034258 MSBE

Benchmarking the Implementation of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in Malaysia
Syahidah Amni Bt Mohamed
G1016386 MSBE
Application of Carbon Footprint Analysis to Evaluate Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Emissions from Road Transportation : A Case Study of Federal Territory of Putrajaya
Noor Shakilah Binti Mhd Radzi

G1015306 MSBE

Study on Heavy metal Contents of Highly Weathered Soil as Early Warning System Indicator to predict Shallow Slope Failure
Nur Hanie Binti Mohd Latiff
G0926772 MSBE    
Study on Landscape Ecology of Fern Species as Potential Ecological Indicator for Urban Environment
Adebayo-Aminu Sarat IyabodeG0912486 MSBEThermal Comfort Performance of Bus Stops at IIUM Gombak Campus