Office of Head of Internationalisation & Global Network

Office of Head of Internationalisation & Global Network

Dr. Ainul Azmin Md. Zamin

  • Head of Internationalisation & Global Network
  • Tel.: +603 6421 5117 

Siti Aizar Shamsudin 

  • Personal Assistant 
  • Tel.: +603 6421 5062

The Kulliyah of IRKHS aims to relate with others inside or outside the Kulliyyah in playing its educative roles for both internal and external community (professional, learning, learned, community at large). In preparing each department in the kulliyyah  to undertake the roles and carry out the responsibilities, the Kulliyyah is currently planning the way forward to: 

  1. To link the University’s strategic direction with the Kulliyyah’s Intellectual, Social and Educational Functions, i.e synergized academic activities vis a vis the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  2. To engage the KIRKHS community in designing activities that support their respective department’s ethos and uphold the Kulliyyah way forward, i.e  to empower people to change the way they think and work so as to ensure a sustainable future.
  3. To collectively think the appropriate and effective ways to position the Kulliyyah in responding to the increasingly challenging environment, hence strengthening the function, and delivery system of the Kulliyyah.
  4. To augment the focus on Integration, Islamisation, SDG, and sustainability led campus. There are 4 areas of the activities- 4 SDGs projects and themes
  • Good health and Wellbeing (SDG theme 3)
  • Quality education (SDG theme 4)
  • Sustainable cities and communities (SDG theme 11)
  • Peace justice and strong institutions (SDG theme 16)

The Head of Internationalisation and Global Network (HOIGN) is the coordinating office of activities relating to internationalization and global visibility of the KIRKHS. It is aimed to facilitate activities such as organize lecture/talk by inviting guests from home and abroad; initiate new MoU/ MoA/ network building with international academic and non-academic organizations; facilitate students and academic staffs to participate in new exchange/ mobility programmes; handle/ taking care of issues related to international students of the Kulliyyah; receive international visitors (students, faculty members, guests and other stakeholders; organize international conference/ seminar/ workshop to facilitate global visibility and network of the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences etc.

at the National Level:

The HOIGN has been established with following missions:  

  • To liaison in signing of MOUs and MOAs with local and international IHL and monitor their implementation as well as to report to higher authorities including Senate, DRIGN and Dean of KIRKHS.
  • To assist in enhancing networking with the alumni of the Kulliyyah locally and internationally.
  • To coordinate visits and meetings involving scholars and dignitaries visiting the Kulliyyah/ University from home and abroad.
  • To invites renowned scholars, visiting professors and high profile local and international scholars to the Kulliyyah and IIUM.

at the International Level:

  • To promote students and staffs mobility across the globe 
  • To support kulliyyah to establish partnership with foreign IHL in order to promote Kulliyyah’s academic programmes overseas such as joint degree, twinning programme mode.
  • To explore the possibility of setting up the offshore branch of IIUM with special focus  of KIRKHS.

The Vision

To be the centre of global prominence activities of the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences

The Goals

Specific goal of the office of Internationalisation and Global Network, KIRKHS is to establish sustainable links and smart partnership between KIRKHS, local and international institutes of higher learning and industrial community.

1. For the students

  • Coordinate KIRKHS students’ attachment to industry
  • Promote and monitor students mobility globally (exchange programme)

2. For the community

  • Establish partnership between IIUM staffs, students and international academic communities and industries
  • Enhance linkages between Kulliyyah’s local and international alumni through contacts and shared activities.

3. For the knowledge

  • Facilitate international exposure of KIRKHS students and staffs through exchange programme and participation in conferences/ workshops organized by MOU partner institutes of KIRKHS 
  • Organize talks/ seminars by hosting distinguished international scholars/ guests 
  • Negotiate projects (visit, research etc) for the benefits of academic staffs/ students of KIRKHS as part of MOUs/ MOAs signed between KIRKHS and partner institutes