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Research articles for 2018

April 2018

Mohamad Ariff Mohamad Yussoff, Azzmer Azzar Abdul Hamid, Noraslinda Mohammad Bunori & Khairul Bariyyah Abd Halim (2018). Interaction of monomeric Ebola VP40 protein with a plasma membrane: A coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CGMD) simulation study. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling, 82,pp.137-144

March 2018

Jusoh, Noorakmar, Hasanuddin Zainal, Azzmer Azzar Abdul Hamid, Noraslinda M. Bunnori, Khairul Bariyyah Abd Halim, and Shafida Abd Hamid. "In silico study of carvone derivatives as potential neuraminidase inhibitors." Journal of molecular modeling 24, no. 4 (2018): 93.

Garba, Lawal, Mohamad Ariff Mohamad Yussoff, Khairul Bariyyah Abd Halim, Siti Nor Hasmah Ishak, Mohd Shukuri Mohamad Ali, Siti Nurbaya Oslan, and Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd Rahman. "Homology modeling and docking studies of a Δ9-fatty acid desaturase from a Cold-tolerant Pseudomonas sp. AMS8." PeerJ 6 (2018): e4347.

Disember 2017, January 2018

Mohamad, Mohd Azrul Naim and Smidt, Hauke and Sipkema, Detmer (2017) Fungi found in Mediterranean and North Sea sponges: how specific are they? PeerJ (9). pp. 1-19. ISSN 2167-8359

Versluis, Dennis and Nijsse, Bart and Naim, Mohd Azrul and Koehorst, Jasper J. and Wiese, Jutta and Imhoff, Johannes Fand Schaap, Peter J and van Passel, Mark W J and Smidt, Hauke and Sipkema, Detmer (2018) Comparative genomics highlights symbiotic capacities and high metabolic flexibility of the marine genus pseudovibrio. Genome Biology and Evolution, 10 (1). pp. 125-142.

SOLPINAR is a three series workshop which offers theoretical and hands-on training on the basic to advance levels of extraction of natural products and essential oils.The event will involves speakers who are also active members specialises in Natural Product researches. The theme for the third SOLPINAR workshop is “Beyond Extraction: Isolation and Characterisation”.  

Organizing committee


Assoc. Prof Dr. Shafida Abdul Hamid


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nor Omar


Dr. Siti Fairuz Che Othman


Dr. Normah Haron


Dr. Nur Faezah Ansari


Dr Nur Firdaus Isa


Dr. Nur Hafizah Azizan

 Dr. Anil Azura Jalaluddin 


Dr. Mohd Hamzah Mohd Nasir

Dr. Tan Teng Ju

Publicity and Promotion 

Dr. Mohd Faez Sharif

Scientific Technical and Logistic

Bro. Ahmad Muzammil Zuberdi 

Bro. Hassan Sheikh Ibrahim


Dr. Noraslinda Mohd Bunnori

 Dr. Widya Abdul Wahab

Special Task

Dr Azzmer Azzar Abdul Hamid

 Dr. ‘Aisyah Mohamed Rehan 

Dr. Mohd Azrul Naim


1. Final year project

2. Postgraduate students