Successful Alumni

Successful Alumni

Br. Azhar is currently holding the post of Program Development Manager at Yayasan Khalifah.  He is a dedicated, humanitarian activist who have vast experience in both local and international humanitarian projects. His efforts on reaching out to the aboriginal communities to empower the community have inspired many young people to do voluntary work.

During his life as a student, Azhar was active in 3 clubs namely Titian Asli, COMRADE and JASA. His leisure time was well spent by planning and executing voluntary activities while maintaining his performance in academic.

Works full time with Global Peace Malaysia, Br. Syahrir is the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Lifeline. Br. Syahrir is well-known for his relief work in Middle East and Syria. One of his successful missions was leading his team of 20 young Malaysians to take part in the world's biggest convoy of 87 ambulances to war-torn Syria. The Malaysia Lifeline, which he is leading is also involved in assisting Syrian Refugees who come to Malaysia.

Br. Syahrir and his team are now working on building a school at a Yemen refugee camp in Al-Khonik near the Yemen conflict zone. His experience as a student activist, leading a club called Titian Wahyu has brought him to a bigger, international dakwah mission as an international humanitarian activist.

Started his career as humanitarian activist with Mercy Malaysia right after completing his degree in IIUM, Br. Mohammed Said is now the Head of Programme Development and Operation, MERCY Malaysia. He has been leading Relief teams to areas, which need their service.

His interest in international humanitarian started when he was one of the students who were selected to join IIUM Relief team to help tsunami victims in  Aceh in 2005.

Mohammed Said  was also one of the key players in GEMILANG school-university mentoring project when he was a student. His excellent leadership to make his team members united and made the project a success was very was very remarkable. He trained his team members to become excellent mentors by showing himself as a good living example.

Br. Noryzal Zainal Abidin is an exceptional example of volunteerism and da'awah blended into one. This Economics graduate volunteered to be the imam in in Hobart, Tasmania as part of a programme organized by Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia (GPTD) and Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM). His task was sponsored Regional Islamic Da'awah Council of Southeast Asia and The Pacific (RISEAP).

Before moving to Hobart, he was an imam and a social activist in Christmas Island, Australia for more than a year. He accepted invitation by RISEAP to work as Muslim volunteer in Christmas Island using his experience as CENSERVE volunteer during his student life. Noryzal is a recipient of Global Peace Humanitarian Award.

Noryzal was the recipient of Global Peace Humanitarian Award.