Research Related

Research Related

Guideline on Endowment A & B Policy
  1. IIUM Research Endowment Fund
Guideline on PRGS
  1. PRGS Guideline
Guideline on RIGS
  1. RIGS 2015
  2. RIGS 2016
  3. RIGS 2017

Guideline on RMC Financial

  1. RMC Financial Process & Procedures.

2. Guideline on Advancement

3. Guideline on Asset

4. Guideline on Payment

5. Guideline on Procurement

Guideline on IRAGS 

1. IRAGS Guideline

Guideline on P-RIGS

1. P-RIGS Guidelines

Guidelines on Appointment of GRA

1. GRA Guideline

Guideline on Usage Research Grant After Completion Date

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  1. Briefing on Grant Management 2019 Presentation Slide
  2. Briefing on Grant Management 2019- Guidelines on Expenses, GRA & Extension

1.Securing International Grants by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Shamila Pillai
2.A Sharing Session on Securing International Research Grant for Social Scientists 

Guidelines on Research Initiative Grant Scheme

  1. Guidelines on Research Initiative Grant Scheme

Guidelines on Sponsored Project (SP)

1. Sponsored Research Policies and Procedures *New