I-WIN 1 (2014)

I-WIN 1 (2014)

Tarikh Mula : 25 Mar 2014   Tarikh Tamat : 25 Mar 2014

Lokasi : Banquet Hall, Office of the Campus Director, IIUM Kuantan

Penganjur : Centris-Kuantan


IIUM Workshop on Islamisation & Integration of Knowledge, I-WIN 1 (2014)

Aim: To incorporate ethical values and maqasid al-shari’ah into science based subjects and practices.

Organizer: Centris Kuantan, Office of the Campus Director, and Science based faculties of IIUM Kuantan.

Theme: Integration of Sciences and Islamic Revealed Knowledge: Current issues and practices.

Date: 25th March 2014.

Venue: Banquet Hall, Office of the Campus Director, IIUM Kuantan.


In the late morning session, I-WIN was officiated by the Honorable Rector of IIUM, Prof Dr Zaleha Bt Kamaruddin. In her officiating note, the rectors give an overview about the importance and the position of integration of knowledge in IIUM curriculum of education. Right after her officiation, deputy rector Prof Dato’ Dr Md Tahir Md Azhar, give a complementary speech on how to infuse Islamic values into science based subjects, especially in health care practices.


The first session of the workshop begin at 8.30, with three speakers. The speakers were:

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badri Najib, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences. He addressed certain issues related to integration of knowledge process and relevant practices as well as rationale and steps of achieving desirable knowledge from the Islamic perspective.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kasim Al-Bazirgan, Kulliyyah of Dentistry highlighted moral practices of Muslim doctor, and presented Islamic ethical values that expected a Muslim doctor to observe in his or her profession.
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdurezak Abdulahi Hashi, Kullliyyah of Sciences addressed the relationship between beliefs and knowledge production, with particularly emphasizes on different beliefs influence knowledge of science. He illustrated belief systems and highlighted differences between towhidic paradigm and other belief system.


The afternoon session was a forum on how to infuse Islamic input to respective science programmes. The forum took place in the afternoon of the same day of the workshop. It started 2.30pm and ended 4.30pm, with three panelist and moderator. The panelists were Deputy Rector, Research and Innovation, Prof Dr Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin, Director of Centre for Islamization, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hazizan Mohd Noon, Deputy Dean, student affairs, Kulliyyah of Medicine, Prof Dr Arif bin Osman , while the moderator was Asst Prof Dr Marwan, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. The forum highlighted various issues related to Islamization and Integration of Human Knowledge, ranging from how to improve the methods of teaching, personal enhancement and upgrading the inputs of given subjects. Experiences of various faculties and departments are shared. Certain problems encountered by different faculties were highlighted. Certain solution of solve given problems of Islamization and integration of knowledge addressed.