Online Venue Management System

Online Venue Management System

We are pleased to announce that Kulliyyah of Medicine will be using the online venue management system for the following facilities :- 

i)    Meeting Room 
ii)   Lecture Halls
iii)  Multipurpose Hall
iv)  Conference Room 
v)   Examination Hall
vi)  Seminar Rooms
vii) Tutorial Room
viii) VIP Lounge

ix) Clinical Skill Centre (CSC)

You may view the availability of the venue through the following link :  http://itdktn.iium.edu.my/medi... 

For booking please liaise with the person in-charge as below:-

Contact Person :-

1) Sr. Shuhamah Abu Dahari (ext 4426)

    for booking of Meeting Rooms/Multipurpose Hall/Conference Room

2) Br. Yusof Mahamad (ext 4428)
    for booking of Seminar Room/Lecture Hall/Tutorial Room

3) Br. Azmi Abdullah (ext 4427) 
    for booking of Examination Hall

4) Br. Abdul Mubin MYH  (ext 4479) 
    for booking of Clinical Examination Centre, IIUMMC

5) Br. Mohd Maizam Maideen  (ext 4482) 
    for Educational Visit to Medical Museum

6) Br Fadhlilullah (HP No: 0169535483)

   for Clinical Skill Centre (CSC), Level 4, Kulliyyah of Medicine
   Google Form Link: CSC Level 4, KOM Booking Form