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Event:              CFS FESTIVAL 2019

Date:               1st April – 7th April 2019

Venue:             Various venues in Kuantan and Gambang Campus

Organiser: Leadership & Training Unit, Office of the Deputy Dean Student Affairs & Students’ Coordination Committee (SCC)

CFS Festival was successfully conducted by the Leadership and Training Unit, Office of the Deputy Dean Student Affairs and coordinated by Students’ Coordination Committee (SCC) from 1st April – 7th April 2019. This event focused on enhancing student’s soft skill through variety of events and programmes (entrepreneurship, event management, spiritual activities, public lecture, art and performance).

This programme is targeted to all IIUM community (students and staff) especially for those staying at Kuantan and Gambang Campus

The objective of organising the festival is to create awareness among students on the importance of enhancing entrepreneurial skills while at the same time promoting CFS students’ society work. Involving in different kind of activities has proven to be an enhancement of their confidence and talents.

It is hoped that this programme can be one of the main platform in producing holistic students’ of CFS IIUM.

Throughout CFS Festival, following events have been held:

  • Muslim Community Talk
  • Liberalism Talk 2019: The Misinterpretation of Islam
  • Quran Hour
  • CITRAditional Night
  • Let’s Talk: Social Media in Our Daily Lives
  • Dean’s Cup Debate (Bahasa Inggeris)
  • Symposium: Revisiting the Islamic Gift Economy
  • CFS Bazaar
  • Explorace
  • CFS IIUM Art & Craft

Date/Day: 1st April 2019 / Monday

Venue:   Gambang Campus

Speaker: PU Mizi @ Nor Hamizi Jamaluddin S.M.P.

Date/Day: 1st April 2019 / Monday

Venue: Lecture Hall 2, Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences

Speaker: Ustaz Engku Ahmad Fadzil Engku Ali

Date/Day: 3rd April 2019 / Wednesday

Venue: SHAH Mosque

Date/Day: 4th April 2019 / Thursday

Venue: Grand Hall, Office of the Campus Director

Date/Day: 5th April 2019 / Friday

Time: 8.30 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.

Venue: Lecture Hall 1, Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences


1.      Siti Fatimatul Zahara (ML Studio)

2.      Aina Wafi Abd Kadir (ML Studio)

Date/Day: 4th April 2019 / Thursday & 6th April 2019 / Saturday

Venue: Café Mahallah Al-Biruni, CFS Gambang &

  Lecture Hall 1, Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences

Date/Day: 6th April 2019 / Saturday

Venue: Main Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Science

Date/Day:  5th – 7th April 2019 / Friday – Sunday

Venue: Mahallah Maimunah Parking Lot

Date/Day: 6th April 2019 / Saturday

Venue: IIUM Kuantan & Gambang Campuses

Date/Day: 6th April 2019 / Saturday

Venue: Mahallah Maimunah & Talhah Studio

Muslim Community Talk

  • A Muslim Community Talk by PU Mizi at Mahallah Al Biruni Gambang Campus
  • The topic focus on Iman and the importance of Knowledge

Liberalism Talk 2019: Misintrepretation of Islam

  • A talk on Liberalism by Ustaz Engku Ahmad Fadzil
  • The topic focus on the threat of liberalism toward Islam

Quran Hour and Talk on Isra’ Mikraj

  • A Quran Hour programme at Masjid SHAH, IIUM Kuantan where student together reciting al-Quran between Maghrib and Isya’ time.
  • Continuing the program with a talk on the topic of Isra’ Mikraj by Ustaz Mamat Yaidi Tok Lubok

CITRAditional Night

  • A night of performance by CITRA CFS with the concept of Traditional
  • There were performance of Theatre, Poem recitation, Zapin Dance and also live band performance. All performance performed by student of CFS

Deans’ Cup Debate (Final)

Deans’ Cup Debate final for Malay, English and Arabic Language between Academic based Society

Winner for Arabic languagedebate is IRK Society, while winner for Malay and English language debate is from LAW society

Let’s Talk: Social Media in Our Daily Lives

IIUM Art & Craft And Students Bazaar

  • Art and Craft activities by IDEA Society where they show their creativity in doing tie dye art and also portrait drawing
  • Student Bazaar where student society sold their product and gain entrepreneurship skills


  • Explorace for Student where they have to run aroundthe campus looking for clues and solve the all the questions
  • It was participated by Academic based society

Symposium: Revisiting the Islamic Gift Economy

  • A symposium on Islamic Gift Economy by Economic Students’ Society
  • All speaker are prominent IIUM Scholars such as Madam Martinelli Hashim from Censerve and also Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saim Kayadibi from KENMS

Closing Ceremony for CFS Festival and SMAC

  • Overall Champion for SMAC is ENGENIUS