ITD to upgrade Wifi services at Mahallah to improve internet access

ITD to upgrade Wifi services at Mahallah to improve internet access

Tarikh : 06 November 2019

Dilaporkan Oleh : Roslan Bin Rusly

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By Aisyah Mohd (IIUM Today) GOMBAK - - IIUM’s Information Technology Division (ITD) is in the process of upgrading the Wifi infrastructures at all Mahallah in the university’s Gombak campus in an effort to bring about an improvement on the internet access among students living there.

New network switches and Access Points (APs) will be installed that require ITD to shut down the network temporarily at the Mahallah at different dates and times.

Staffs and students need to refer to the schedule provided below for the respective downtime schedule for their Mahallah. Once this exercise is completed, the Wifi service at all Mahallah at Gombak campus will be much improved and stable, it was announced.

Mahallah | From Date | End Date

1) Bilal and Ali 29th Oct 2019 until 1st Nov 2019

2) Siddiq and Farouk 2nd Nov 2019 until 6th Nov 2019

3) Uthman and Sumayyah 7th Nov 2019 until 12th Nov 2019

4) Nusaibah and Salahuddin 13th Nov 2019 until 16th Nov 2019

5) Maryam and Halimah 18th Nov 2019 until 21st Nov 2019

6) Asma and Hafsah 22nd Nov 2019 until 26th Nov 2019

7) Asiah and Aminah 27th Nov 2019 until 30th Nov 2019

8) Ruqayyah 2nd Dec 2019 until 7th Dec 2019

9) Safiyyah 2nd Dec 2019 until 5th Dec 2019

10) Zubair 2nd Dec 2019 until 5th Dec 2019

The ITD has also apologised for any inconvenience that this exercise may cause. It reminded the staffs and students to contact the ICT Services Help Desk (03-6196 6666 / 03-6421 6666) if there are enquiries or concerns about the planned network downtime.***