KAHS to work beyond their expertise in ‘HIKAM’ project

KAHS to work beyond their expertise in ‘HIKAM’ project

Tarikh : 26 August 2020

Dilaporkan Oleh : Izzuddin

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KUANTAN, 25 August 2020: The kulliyyah must focus on one project that can be showcased globally with the intention to share the new knowledge to the public, Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said during his visit to Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences (KAHS) on Wednesday (19 August).

The Rector expressed his gratitude after KAHS received the recognition from the Ministry of Education for their efforts and commitment in contributing to allied health sciences in Malaysia and the region.

He said the recognition should be an example for other kulliyyahs to expand their skills across faculties and even campuses in sharing the ideas.

The Kulliyyah has earlier come out with a great project beyond their expertise by making the project ‘HIKAM’, a health information and knowledge from Malay medical manuscripts by gaining and sustaining knowledge on its history. With this project, the Kulliyyah hopes to engage in current renewed interest in  traditional medical practices and benefits of studying those manuscripts.

He commended the Kulliyyah’s upcoming flagship programme of Sustainable Weaver Birds in which the Kulliyyah aims to sustain the bird habitat and helping the community around by harvesting the bird’s nest as a source of income.

“We need to bring back this awareness of sustaining the environment around us in which the environment is important for us to take care and is also about the knowledge and science.

We talk about the weaver bird just now and how the kulliyyah haved noticed it and used it to increase the knowledge on how ecology works, in which there is cycles in ecology and the Kulliyyah needs to sustain those cycles.”

Meanwhile, the Dean of KAHS, Prof. Dr. Suzanah Abdul Rahman, responded to Rector’s suggestion in sustaining the habitat of weaver bird.

“The project of weaver birds is mainly to sustain its habitat and also to contribute to the locals by enabling them to harvest the nest so that they can generate income,” she said.

“The kulliyyah is looking forward for a join-venture with organisations and NGOs beyond the kulliyyah in IIUM to make it happen and to get funding so that the project will be run continuously and well maintained,” she added.

Source: IIUM Today